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How to Wear Men's Leather Bomber Jacket - History, Styles, and More

How to Wear Men's Leather Bomber Jacket - History, Styles, and More

How to Wear Men's Leather Bomber Jacket - History, Styles, and More



When fashion embraces function, the versatility of the men’s leather bomber jacket becomes a factor. Constructed amidst the clouds of wartime heroism, it has made the voyage through the ages, adapting to fit every generation. Nowadays, it is not just clothing; it is a manifesto for one’s style and toughness. Set on a journey to uncover this great mystery, we will look at the details of the bomber jacket, such as its beginning, its ingredients, and its fundamentally great role in the fashion universe.


1. History of Men's Leather Bomber Jacket



Thus began the tale of men’s leather bomber jackets in the early 20th century, crafted for the bold hearts in the heavens. While crafted for pilots to withstand the harsh cold at extremely high altitudes, its fir-line snug fit and tough leather became synonymous with necessity and heroism. As relentless warfare continued and valiant emerged from both sides, one couldn’t argue about the jacket’s hard-hitting practicality – the book of military uniforms had found an immortal name. 

In the era of peace that meltingly replaced war’s veneer, the bomber jacket transformed from a military uniform into a standard lifestyle piece. Hollywood and style prophets adopted it and wove it into the floral wreath of pop culture. It was not simply a matter of aesthetics or passing the torch. Still, the answering adage of its capability and eternality-from that period, the leather jacket has been a revered bridge between the past and current.


2. Different Types of Material Used in Bomber Leather Jackets



2.1 Cowhide Leather 

Cowhide remains one of the most popular choices as the original material of bomber jackets. The leather can withstand hardness and roughness, making it seem more rugged. It's tough and durable nature makes cowhide leather feel like an adventurer’s choice while still possessing a fashionable touch. Furthermore, as it ages, the leather becomes “weathered,” converting the appearance into the storied history of the user, as seen in this picture.


2.2 Lambskin Leather

 It first is presented as a more delicate alternative to cowhide. The fabric should be more fragile, making it smoother and more drapery. Lambskin leather serves to tell a bomber jacket hard-wearing history, but it is comfortable to wear of any material. Thus, using lambskin and cowhide combines the best qualities of robustness and sophistication.


2.3 Sheepskin Leather 

Sheepskin, prized for its unique insulation capabilities, keeps the wearer warm and comfortable. Sheepskin leather is best suited to cold climates, and this is where the original carnival form of the bomber jacket completes its original function. In addition to looking good, it also expresses good form. Textural depth and rich detail enhance the appearance of this sheepskin leather jacket, with the individual pieces remaining outside of the time frame. 


2.4 Goat Leather 

Goat made the leather, which is solid and flexible, with medium-soft characteristics and a soft feel. The grainy texture of this food adds a touch of rough awakening to the bomber jacket, appealing to people searching for something more glamorous than others. Goat leather is responsive to change and soon takes the form of its wearer’s body.


2.5 Suede Leather

Suede leather adds a touch of softness and an air of sophistication to the suede bomber jacket. Its velvety texture and depth of color offer a contemporary twist on traditional leather, perfect for those looking to blend classic style with modern sensibilities.


3. Different Styles of Leather Bomber Jacket For Men's 


Different Types of Leather Jackets


3.1 Classic Aviator Bomber Jackets

The aviator bomber jacket, with its roots in military history, epitomizes classic style and rugged charm. Crafted from durable leather, it often features a fur collar, which adds warmth and a touch of luxury. This style pays homage to the fearless pilots of the past, making it a timeless piece for those who appreciate history and functionality in their wardrobe.


3.2 Vintage-Inspired Shearling Bomber Jackets

Shearling bomber jackets take us back to an era where warmth and style went hand in hand. These jackets, with their soft, insulating lining, are not just a nod to vintage fashion but a staple for those looking to combine comfort with a classic aesthetic. The natural texture of shearling adds depth and character to the jacket, making each piece unique.


3.3 Luxurious Fur-Trimmed Bomber Jackets

Fur-trimmed bomber jackets add an element of opulence and warmth to the traditional bomber design. Ideal for colder climates, these jackets blend functionality with high-end fashion. The fur trim, whether real or faux, provides extra insulation and a luxurious finish, elevating the overall look of the jacket.


3.4 B3 Bomber Jacket

The B3 bomber jacket, originally designed for bomber pilots in World War II, embodies the essence of survival and bravery. Crafted from thick shearling for unparalleled warmth and featuring a robust leather exterior, it's built to shield against the harshest cold. Moreover, Its distinctive look, complete with heavy-duty zippers and often a belted waist, marries functionality with a rugged, timeless style. Ideal for those who seek a piece rich in historical significance and ready to withstand the elements, the B3 bomber jacket stands as a testament to enduring design and warmth.


3.5 Sleek Suede Bomber Jackets

Suede bomber jackets offer a softer, more tactile alternative to traditional leather. Their velvety texture brings a sense of sophistication and elegance to casual wear. Available in a range of colors, suede bombers are perfect for those who want to add a touch of refinement to their everyday ensemble.


3.6 Rugged Distressed Leather Bomber Jackets

Distressed leather bomber jackets appeal to those who love a well-worn, vintage look. The distressed leather gives the jacket character and tells a story of adventure and experience. This style suits individuals who value authenticity and a rugged aesthetic in their clothing choices.


3.7 Sporty Varsity Bomber Jackets

Varsity bomber jackets, with their athletic-inspired design, are a youthful and energetic addition to the bomber family. Often featuring contrasting sleeves and ribbed cuffs, these jackets bring a sporty vibe to any outfit. They are perfect for those who want to infuse a bit of playfulness into their wardrobe.


3.8 Tactical Military-Inspired Bomber Jackets

Military-inspired bomber jackets bring functionality to the forefront with tactical features like extra pockets and durable fabrics. This style is designed for the adventurous soul who values practicality as much as aesthetics. The military-inspired details add an element of ruggedness to the jacket, making it both a fashion statement and a utilitarian piece.



4. Famous Male Celebrities Seen Wearing Bomber Leather Jackets



Over the years, the leather bomber jacket has found its way onto the broad shoulders of so many male celebrities that it has morphed from a once-practical garment into a potent totem of effortless, relaxed style. Thanks to James Dean and Marlon Brando, this leather jacket has long been a pop culture symbol, and it will continue to be one. He wore it in one of his most recent films or a photo of Ryan Gosling or David Beckham in his younger days. This jacket fits well and describes why it must be in our closet.


5. How to Wear a Men’s Leather Bomber Jacket


The men's leather bomber jacket is the key piece of outfit nowadays. It is a smart stylistic investment. It has evolved into a wise and reliable choice for casual outfits, particularly during the fall season. The jacket has a versatile appearance, which is appropriate for any occasion.

Wearing a leather bomber jacket could be challenging. So, here at Arcane Fox, we provide you with a few tips on how to wear men’s leather jackets.


5.1 Select the Best Fit



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The key to wearing a Black leather bomber jacket is finding the appropriate size. It should fit perfectly. It should be neither too broad nor too narrow. A well-fitted leather jacket always draws attention to the wearer's overall personality. While picking an appropriate size, keep your body type in mind. Arcane Fox has an extensive collection of men’s leather bomber jackets for all sizes. 


5.2 Pair it with a Tracksuit



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The combination of a men’s aviator leather bomber jacket and a tracksuit is especially in demand. It is a perfect combination for a fashionable and functional look. It usually assists those men who like to spend their days in constant motion. This combination makes movement easier for you. Moreover, it too adds a touch of casualness to your look.


5.3 Pair it with Jeans 



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Pairing a Brown leather bomber jacket with jeans is an on-point option. It is an excellent combination for a casual outfit. Additionally, it offers comfort and practicality that matter most. At Arcane Fox, you can find a variety of men’s leather jackets. This perfectly fits your jeans.


5.4 Wear it with Button-Up Shirts



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For a business meeting, wear a men’s distressed leather bomber jacket with a button-up shirt. It gives you a sophisticated look. In particular, neutral colors like brown, black, and blue are great choices for bomber jackets to go with these shirts. 


5.5 Wear it with Dress Pants



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Styling a Suede leather bomber jacket with dress pants is a classic and professional combination that never goes out of style. To complete the look, black leather loafers are the ideal footwear choice. Additionally, this combination is perfect for office gatherings or other formal occasions.


6. Reasons to Invest in a Custom-Made Men's Leather Bomber Jacket At Arcane Fox


  • Only the Best Quality: Arcane Fox uses the finest materials, ensuring that each custom-made bomber jacket will not only be a piece of clothing but also an investment in quality. Each garment is made to the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality, and it will stand the test of time.
  • Tailored to You: The end of off-the-rack fits. There is no more need for “close enough.” An Arcane Fox custom jacket provides you with the comfort and style appropriate for you. Designed to match your measurements perfectly, they’ll enhance your figure and boost your confidence.
  • Choose Your Materials: Take use of the fully designed customization. You decide to Choose the leather types, lining, and finish that you want in your bomber jacket. Customization is all about you.
  • Finishing Touches: Each piece is carefully restored, from zipping and buttoning to contouring the figure. The final result is a masterpiece that will amaze others due to its exquisite design and fascination with the more minor details.
  • Sustainable pick: Choosing a customized bomber jacket is another sustainable choice. Quality and longevity items discourage frequent purchasing, resulting in a more sustainable arrangement of fashion.


    7. Wrapping Up


    That’s a wrap on our tour of the universe of men’s bomber leather jackets. Through its many iterations, this iconic piece has shown itself to be more than a fad or a fine outerwear piece; rather, it is a statement of versatility, style and profundity. Now, it’s up to you to make it your own.

    Ready to elevate your style game? Visit Arcane Fox to discover our lines of tailor-made bomber leather jackets. Design one for yourself today to pay tribute to a tradition of sophistication and strength!


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