Collection: Women's Trench Coats

The women’s trench coats are one of the classic women's wardrobe items. It is a stylish and very popular raincoat. These coats are perfect for the "middle" seasons. Trench coats were initially created for British generals in World War I. However, since then they have gained popularity as a fashion garment. They have become widely known among women.

Women’s trench coats have very specific characteristics that make them unique. Additionally, these include shoulder pads, the double-breasted fastening, the chin strap, the belt, etc.

These coats are suitable for sheltering from the air without heating up too much. Purchasing one means making a long-term investment.

The women’s trench coat goes well with any outfit. If you combine this with high heels and a little black dress, it will give an extra touch to an urban glam outfit. For a casual but refined look, combine the trench coat with skinny trousers, a sweater or shirt, and flat shoes. This trench will also be in harmony with office clothes. You can use a contrasting leather belt with these coats.

In case you are a fan of sporty looks, go for our women's leather coats and women's puffer coats. You can easily carry them in outdoor activities.

Manufacturers typically make most women's trench coats from thick twill or cotton-based gabardine. Blended fabrics of polyester, viscose, or nylon are used in them. Moreover, these materials increase the strength of the product, water-repellent characteristics, and elasticity.

You do not need other accessories or frills with these coats. Remember that simplicity always pays off in terms of fashion.

So pay a visit to the arcane fox. Feel free to choose a high-quality trench coat for your wardrobe to create your individuality.

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