Collection: Women's Suede Jackets

Suede jackets ensure a breathtaking look for women. It is a symbol of casual elegance. The suede is more delicate as compared to faux leather. At Arcane fox, we have paid greater attention to the stitching and lining of women’s jackets. So they can last for a long time.

Women's suede jackets can be paired with a variety of outfits. This includes classic trousers or jeans. To create a casual look, wear these jackets with a skirt. It will look ideal.

Other than suede jackets, Women's leather jackets and Women's bomber jackets are also versatile. They give your clothing a distinctive look. They are perfect for mid-season climates or mild winters.

Some of the women’s suede jackets have fringes and floral embroidery. A jacket with a fringe is worth choosing for those girls who want to get a cowboy look. It is ideal to combine a suede jacket with clothes made of materials with a matte finish. So this will give a harmonious look.

These jackets have a soft texture and outstanding practicality. Their smooth surface will pick up less dirt. They are also  fine and pleasant to the touch. These jackets are very breathable because they have a lot of pores.

They are neither too heavy nor too light. Despite the light weight they are warmer and provide great insulation against chilly winds.

If suede jackets become wet, hang them in a shady place. Avoid hanging it in the sunlight. Always clean these jackets with alcohol or stain cleaner such as vinegar.

Look at our catalog of women’s suede jackets and upgrade your winter wardrobe.

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