Our Bespoke Process


Our Production Method Has Its Roots In Bespoke Craftsmanship. We Embrace The Digital Age By Integrating Technology While Maintaining The Authentic Bespoke Traditions.

The bespoke approach drives our e-commerce approach, preserving the traditional bespoke essence that is typically found in brick-and-mortar stores.

For each custom order, we follow the time-honored bespoke process that includes consultation, accurate measurements, unique patterns, a vast fabric selection, and limitless customization options. With the aid of e-commerce, we bring bespoke services to the world, making it accessible to all.

Bespoke represents the pursuit of perfection and offers unlimited choices, setting it apart from the rest and rejecting the limitations of limited options.

How it works!

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Free Design Consultancy

Collaborate with a seasoned and dedicated design consultant to discuss and refine the details of your project, including pricing, delivery date, and digital illustrations. Consultancy services are offered at no cost, allowing you the flexibility to opt-out at any stage without obligation to place an order.

Order Placement

Use the listing link provided by the design consultant to finalize and submit your order. The listing includes all the agreed upon details of your custom project, including the digital illustration.

Production & Delivery

Bring your design to life with our professional production process, which culminates in a photoshoot to showcase the finished product. Your order will be delivered as soon as you receive it.

The Process of Production

The custom order process begins with the creation of a digital illustration by our skilled and knowledgeable design team, in collaboration with a design consultant. The illustration is presented to the customer for review and feedback. If changes are requested, they will be made until the customer is satisfied. Upon approval, the illustration is passed on to the production team for further processing.

1. Pattern Making

The design consultant provides a comprehensive briefing to the production team on the custom project through the use of digital illustration, images, and text, covering both key and minor details.

2. Fabrication/Leather Making

Custom products can be manufactured from either fabric or leather. The production team is responsible for ordering leather production, which can take up to 3 to 4 weeks. To secure high-quality fabric for fabric garments, the team works with trusted vendors.

3. Cutting & Construction

As soon as the fabric or leather arrives at the production site, it is immediately sent for cutting and stitching.

4. Embroidery, Printing & Accessories

Our production center encompasses embroidery, printing, and accessory printing. Once stitched, the custom item is directed to the appropriate department if it requires any of the above three processes.

5. Finishing & Qc

Finalizing the product is just as crucial as other critical steps in the custom process. The completed product undergoes stringent quality control, examining every major and minor detail. This finalizing process ensures the product's flawlessness by rectifying any missed errors.